Seattle, Washington ~ September 2 – 6, 2014

Seattle was our Pacific Northwest outpost, a temporary base to recalibrate, rest, replenish, and repair before making the official third left turn of our trek around the U.S.

Seattle Skyline 3

Between arranging for storage of our gear, bike tune-ups and repairs, and servicing the Escape Mobile, we worked in some sightseeing, local bites, and what I looked forward to most…

Taken at a later gathering

reconnecting with dear friends. I actually consider the English’s as family, as they were quasi-parents during my tween years.

Queen Anne Neighborhood
With a hectic schedule, we failed to capture photos of the hilly, eclectic, quaint, and prosperous Queen Anne neighborhood. This photo is borrowed from an online visitors’ guide.

Walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and a laundry mat, our Queen Anne neighborhood Airbnb townhome provided a quaint and comfortable refuge. Sitting on a hill overlooking Elliott Bay, Queen Anne is a historic neighborhood with a mix of Victorian cottages and mansions.

Puget Sound
Sailboat on Elliott Bay

Its central location provides easy access to downtown, tourist destinations, and major thoroughfares. Note within the neighborhood and around Seattle, the roadways twist, ascend and wind around in every direction making it difficult to know where you’re heading. Trey said, “It’s as if the streets were laid out by a 4 year old with a crayon!”

Space Needle and Chihuly

At the base of Queen Anne hill lays Seattle Center, the city’s art hub and site of the 1962 World’s Fair.


Our tourist-ing time limited, we stuck to the top of our priority list, plus the crystal blue sky beckoned…

Space Needle

So it was up, up, up Seattle’s iconic landmark, the Space Needle. Across every direction, the vistas were amazing!Seattle Skyline 7

And how wonderful to see the glorious immensity of Mt. Rainier once again.

Seattle Skyline and Rainier

Directly adjacent to the Space Needle is Dale Chihuly’s Garden and Glass museum.  We’d encountered a Chihuly sculpture outside the Montreal Museum of Art, and prior to that, in Texas on a medical school campus.

Chihuly 11
A similar installation sits in front of the Montreal Museum of Art

That first awe-inspiring experience hooked us and we were intrigued to learn more about the the Washington native, his vision, inspiration, and art.

Connecting rooms guide visitors across Chihuly’s career and creative explorations.

Chihuly - Navaho Inspired
Chihuly was inspired by the Navajo’s use of horse hair and textiles in their pottery. We came across such pottery traveling through Navajo country and purchased a small vase as a memento.

Dazzling colors contrasted by perfect lighting and blackened walls bring whimsical glass structures dancing to life.

Chihuly 7


Outside, the colors and shapes meld with nature in larger than life blooms. A welcomed exaggeration to stimulate the senses and call appreciation to what may otherwise go unnoticed.


He is quoted as saying, “I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced.”

Chihuly 4

To me, it is evident that Dale Chihuly is attempting to expand awareness, awaken and affect the soul.

Chihuly 1

His displays demonstrate vulnerability and fragility as necessary components of vibrancy and beauty.

A good lesson and exercise for the senses as we prepared for the next adventure… cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage.

More pics…




Trey in Seattle Center
Trey dancing in Seattle Center

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