The Unintended Consequences of NOT Living Fully

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The Unintended Consequences of Not Living Fully is an authentic portrayal of the challenges of being a 21st century woman while living within outdated institutional, social, and personal constructs. Martha J. Martin bravely shares her story of how it took an actual breakdown to begin breaking free from the past’s influences on her relationships and perceptions, and the behavioral tendencies that kept her from living fully.

With raw honesty, powerful prose, and spirited humility, Martha details her struggles with transference, post-traumatic stress, and the events that propelled her into a mystical journey of healing and spiritual awakening. Along the way, readers might just find themselves while collecting wisdom and insights into what exactly living fully means.


“Martha opens her soul to her readers. And magically shows her readers how to open their world for themselves. The Unintended Consequences of Not Living Fully is a gift you will not want to put down. Martha’s story is a gift you will want to share.”

“An absolute wonderful book! I could hardly put it down. The author’s experiences were incredibly authentic and it served as a real inspiration to me personally!”

“Wow. I related to this amazing writer on many levels. The Unintended Consequences of Not Living Fully reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love but better. Martha Martin’s story is her gut-wrenching truth…what a brave woman! What an inspiration!”

“I was awed by her ability to be completely vulnerable through writing down her hard truths and deep emotions – and yet she did so with grace and beauty – giving us the courage to face our own personal truths and offering hope and joy as an outcome.”

“Martha bravely shares her experiences as she faces a multitude of challenges, many of which are familiar for so many women who feel the pressures of taking care of everyone but themselves . The story of her journey as she fights her way to health and hope is inspiring.”

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